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Seasonal Soaps

Why not indulge in some of our seasonal soaps? These are only around for a short time. Put one in every bathroom and next to the kitchen sink.


There’s every reason to take care of yourself. Enjoy one of our rich lotions or treat yourself to a pedicure with our Pedi-Pack. There’s even an extra gift!

Pure, Natural, Earth’s Secret

All of our products have no dyes, no artificial fragrances, no synthetic ingredients, no harmful or toxic preservatives. Instead, our products are non-allergenic, do not clog pores, and are a natural sun protection screen for both UVA and UVB rays.

The Natural Choice

We take great pride at Earth’s Secret to make it possible for everyone to enhance their natural beauty without risking this health. This is our number-one priority. Our Earth’s Secret products are developed by a Certified Herbalist and Health Practitioner who has done extensive research and product testing (on humans, NOT animals) to ensure that you are wearing the safest and best cosmetics on the market today.

We also believe products can be made with no synthetic ingredients and still be effective. We strive to offer you the safest, healthiest skincare and cosmetics available without sacrificing price.

Why Minerals?